Comprehensive Customer Service

The numares customer service helps you to be successful by offering dedication, expertise and reliability. Besides installing your system, our team provides constant assistance with software updates, troubleshooting and maintenance. We are glad to support you with regard to needs-based training and spare parts deliveries.


Please feel free to contact us!


Installation – Setting up a new system

Customer Support –Questions & Troubleshooting


The installation process includes the coordination of equipment installation, setting up your AXINON® system with test-specific software and equipment qualification.



We will be glad to answer any questions about the AXINON® system. If there are any problems, we will assist you in troubleshooting these over the phone, by email or onsite.

Upgrades – New tests and software versions

Maintenance – System checks


numares extends and improves its products continuously. New tests and software updates are installed on your site by our service professionals.



To ensure long-term efficiency and system reliability, you can arrange additional system maintenance with numares.

Spare parts – Organization & Delivery
Training – From beginners to experts


numares organizes and provides the spare parts you require. If you need assistance with exchanging, we will be glad to help you in person on request.



We offer customized training courses and qualify your employees from beginner to expert level. Confident use of the AXINON® system is a particular focus of training.