AXINON® lipoFIT® - modern test systems for lipoprotein profiling in the clinical routine

AXINON® lipoFIT® test systems allow a detailed and standardized analysis of lipoprotein subclasses to be performed in high throughput for the first time.


As well as the standard blood lipid panel, the lipoFIT® test provides detailed information regarding the concentration, size and distribution of lipoprotein particles in the various lipoprotein classes and subclasses.



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The AXINON® lipoFIT®-test systems

The high-performance AXINON® lipoFIT® test system enables lipoprotein profiling to be performed in high throughput and is therefore tailor-made for use in medium and large laboratories. The test system allows a throughput of more than 250 samples per day and provides, in addition to the lipoprotein profile, values for glucose, lactate and four amino acids.



Short Time to Result




All results for a batch of 93 analytical samples are available after about 8 hours with AXINON® lipoFIT®-S100.



Short Hands-on Time

AXINON® lipoFIT® test systems are very easy to operate and require minimal operator interaction. The hands-on time, including manual sample preparation, is about 50 minutes for a batch of 93 analytical samples. This is roughly half a minute per sample. The test system can be continuously loaded over just a few minutes.



High Walk-Away Capability

The AXINON® lipoFIT® test systems are designed for minimal user interaction times and maximum walk-away time. At full load, the sample changer can measure up to 465 samples without the user having to interact with the test system.

Application in Clinical Diagnostics

The results of the AXINON® lipoFIT® test system can be used in clinical diagnostics to identify patients at risk for CVD to allow for effective prevention and timely initiation of treatment, to better prognosticate and monitor the course of the disease to support individualized therapy selection and, finally, to monitor treatment efficacy to improve patient management and quality of life.

Application in Life Science Research

The results of the AXINON® lipoFIT® test system can be used in life science research for basic and applied research, e.g. the evaluation of lipoprotein subclasses as cardiovascular risk factor in different populations or in response to nutrition and lifestyle interventions. In addition, the comprehensive lipoprotein profile opens up new insights into various other research topics where lipoproteins play an important role–such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, nutrition and many more.

Application in Drug Discovery & Pharma Development

The AXINON® system provides highly reproducible results in high-throughput at low cost. Therefore, it is optimally suited as a powerful research tool in pharmaceutical research and development. The AXINON® lipoFIT® test system can be used for the detailed characterization of the therapeutic profile of new lipid-lowering drugs, while other IVD and non-IVD tests as well as prototypes can be employed for the discovery and validation of biomarkers, for drug activity and toxicity studies, and for the stratification of patients in clinical trials.


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) area contains more information about the AXINON® lipoFIT® test system. If you still need help or special information, please contact our sales department