What drives us: Reading and using metabolic profiles

The concentration of metabolic products (metabolites) in various body fluids depends on the genetics and living conditions of a human being. This individual metabolic pattern is subject to normal physiological variation, but may also reflect pathological processes in the body.


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy allows the simultaneous quantification of metabolites in human specimens such as serum or urine. This valuable data can be used:

  • For risk assessment
  • For the diagnosis of diseases
  • For the assessment of origin, extent and severity (aggressiveness) of diseases
  • For therapy monitoring
  • For a deeper understanding of (patho)physiological processes

The approach of numares HEALTH

An NMR spectrum reflects all organic substances in a sample. Standardized procedures for sample preparation and validated NMR measurement routines ensure reproducible results. The software-aided automated analysis allows the rapid identification and quantification of many metabolites. The information obtained is used by numares HEALTH to extract relevant connections by way of specially developed techniques.


This approach can answer complex questions and be used to develop medical tests, e.g . in the areas of nephrology, heart and lipid metabolism, oncology and transplantation.