Research collaborations

As part of its R&D activities, numares HEALTH is involved in numerous collaborations with various research facilities which help the company

  • To understand the latest developments and needs of different medical research fields
  • To make their own scientific contributions and
  • To conduct a purposeful product development.

numares HEALTH uses its findings to perform a targeted and innovative development of diagnostic approaches. A further aim of numares HEALTH is to create and take part in scientific publications.

Scientific Advisory Board Cardiovascular Disease

- Prof. Dr. Thomas Meinertz

  Chairman of the German Heart Foundation, Director of the Department of Cardiology and Angiology of the University Heart Center Hamburg


- Prof. Dr. Winfried März

  Director of synlab Academy for Medical Education

  Medical Care Center of Laboratory Diagnostics Heidelberg

  Synlab Medical Care Center Leinfelden GmbH

  Executive President Medical University of Graz

Collaborative project ARIADNE

- gGmbH Red Cross Hospital Bremen: Prof. Dr. Stefan Herget-Rosenthal

- University Hospital Essen: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kribben

- Medical University of Hannover: Prof. Dr. Jan Kielstein

- University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Campus Kiel: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Feldkamp

Research cooperations

- Medical University of Graz: Prof. Dr. Winfried März (Participation in the LURIC study)

- Medical University of Graz: Ass. Prof. Dr. Hubert Scharnagl

- University Hospital of Tübingen: Prof. Dr. Arnulf Stenzl, Urology
- University Hospital of Regensburg: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Banas, Nephrology (UMBRELLA study)