Using the brand name AXINON®, numares develops test systems that perform various diagnostic tests and investigations. In vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests enable the analysis of metabolites and lipoproteins using numares' proprietary Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS®) technology.

AXINON® qualifies doctors and medical staff in the clinical routine and medical labs to gain valuable information about the formation, extent and severity of diseases in the shortest possible time and to use it for diagnostic, therapeutic decisions and patient management.

The AXINON® system provides standardized, highly reproducible results in high-throughput at low cost. Therefore, it is optimally suited for basic and applied research as well as in pharmaceutical companies, e.g. in Drug Discovery & Development.



The highlights of the AXINON® test systems:

- Innovative use of metabolic data
- Relevant results for medical questions

- Standardized analysis

- Multi-testing-flexibility

- High-throughput capability

- Fully automated lab solution

- High reproducibility (inter-laboratory precision)

- Integration into standard laboratories

- Connectivity to lab system (LIS/LIMS)

- Easy-to-use (no special NMR skills needed)


The combination of easy handling, fully-automated processing and seamless integration into existing laboratory workflows make AXINON® test systems a valuable partner in clinical laboratories and life science research.


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) area contains more information about the AXINON® system. If you still need help or special information, please contact our sales department